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Певец: Doro

Трек: Thunderspell

Длительность: 04:39

Добавлен: 2014-09-13

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Текст песни:

Long time
I searched for gold in the heart of mine
And I feel lone alone at night
Run for my life

Yeah I was broken down
I feel so lost no one around
Can you please help to find away
Before I loose my mind

Can you seek love?
Can you feel love?
Can you seek love in my heart?

Heaven's coming from above
Can you feel the thunder
Heaven's turning grey and dark
Can you see the thunder
Will it mean a broken heart
That's the spell I'm under so long
Heaven's like a fire from hell
With heavy metal thunder

It's a cold night
I see the clouds
I see the sky
I'm not the only one
Who cries, struggles and fights…

And when I close my eyes
I see the truth behind these lies
I see the difference in our lives
Comes from inside

Can you feel love?
Can you seek love?
Can you feel love in my heart?


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